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Harm of Lamp Flicker to Human Body

First, what is flicker?
Because of the use of alternating current power supply, the brightness of traditional lamps varies with the periodic change of alternating current. Lighting flickers are caused by changes in light and shade, usually divided into two kinds: one is the frequency of change below 100 Hz, at which time the flickers can be captured by the human eye; the other is the frequency of change above 100 Hz, the flickers will not be seen, but actually has caused harm to the human body, the frequency discussed below Flash is not visible flicker.

What harm does flicker bring?
Related biological and medical research has been done in connection with the possible harm to human body caused by flicker.

1.1  may cause brain cell damage.
Researchers say that even if the flicker of light in the environment is too fast to be detected, the retina of an organism can still recognize and respond to light at frequencies of 100-160 Hz, or even as high as 200 Hz. In cat experiments, 100-120 Hz light has caused burns to brain cells. The tissue is the lateral geniculate body, which plays a role in controlling the eyeball.

1.2  may affect reading and eyesight 
Studies have shown that flicker brightness of fluorescent lamps and CRT displays can affect eye movement when reading text. In addition, some health examination reports also found that visual impairment is caused by flicker fluorescent lights.

1.3  may cause migraine.
Experiments have found that 100 Hz flickers of fluorescent lights can double the incidence of headaches in office workers. Of course, this effect is often considered exceptional and only occurs in special populations.

1.4  reduce work efficiency and cause industrial injury
In the light industry, food, printing, electronics, textile and other industries, it is common to use straight-tube fluorescent lighting field such as assembly line, flicker caused by visual fatigue, migraine, will cause difficulties in positioning, low production efficiency and other issues; in the mechanical industry, such as crane operators, because of flicker caused by visual fatigue will cause fixed. When the speed of the moving animal is multiplied by the flicker frequency of the light source, the motion state of the moving object will produce three kinds of periodic repetitive wrong vision, i.e. static state, reversal state and slow motion state, which will easily lead to industrial accidents.

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